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ivory blondes
a rosalie/tanya ship community
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five times rosalie hale settled for second-best
rosalie/tanya. rosalie/leah. rosalie/bella. rosalie/alice. rosalie/esme. r. 587.
Her hands are hotter than insomnia, fiery like the numbered days of eternity. It's just more of the same.
for nuits_froides. i write a lot of femslash, don't i? i love this fandom :D

( everybody everywhere )
24th-Jul-2008 03:47 pm - Denali Appreciation Community
evil ☛ lucas lee ( nazi? well see )

the_denali: A Denali Appreciation Community!

Please welcome the_denali, a community dedicated to the Denali clan: Tanya, Irina, Kate, Carmen, and Eleazar! Here you can share your fanfiction, graphics, discussion, recommendations, and anything else! Just please read the rules first!
23rd-Jul-2008 08:34 pm - succubus_beauty, a tanya community

succubus_beauty, a tanya appreciation community.

Join succubus_beauty, the comm dedicated to the Denali vampire Tanya. Fanfictions, icons, drabbles, fanmixes, etc are all welcome!

**mods, sorry if this isn't allowed, but it wasn't specified in the rules or profile!
19th-Jul-2008 01:37 pm(no subject)
Title: Sometimes The Forgotten Are Often The Most Sought

When two beautiful forces come together, we surely must all be blinded.

Pairing: Rosalie/Tanya

Rated: PG

The Competition Never EndsCollapse )
15th-Jul-2008 12:09 pm - Name Change
e ♦ default
Hey lovelies, just an FYI your moderator medoraly is now using one journal for everything so she is now (and has been) saskaia - new name, same ol' same ol'.
12th-Jul-2008 02:35 pm - Play-By
evil ☛ lucas lee ( nazi? well see )
I'm making a community for appreciation of the Denali, and of course sharing fanfiction and fanart and such. I've finished constructing most of it, and now I'm starting to gather ideas for banners. So I was wondering...

Who is your Tanya? Which actresses/models do you think best resemble the Denali? (Don't forget about Eleazar!) Feel free to spam me with links and pictures.

and i should take this moment to shamelessly mention i'm looking for someone or someones to co-mod the community with me, preferably a friend or someone used to running communities. if interested, please say!
10th-Jul-2008 12:11 pm - Missing Pieces
evil ☛ lucas lee ( nazi? well see )
Title: Missing Pieces
Pairing: Tanya/Rosalie
Rating: PG
Summary: Tanya has a taste for everything. [for the twilight uncanon drabble request meme at pinkceptional!]

( Missing Pieces )
your fingers in my palm and i want to believe it will all be okay
edward/tanya. rosalie/tanya. edward/rosalie. edward/rosalie/tanya. r. 863.
Gold glinting copper falls on a head of bronze. Weapons are made from these moments.
for lastupenda, for inspiring me. and for apresmoi, for being awesome.

( and stay the way i need )
(buffy) other
Title: you left the wedding dress and took the love
Author: lastupenda
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Rosalie/Tanya, Edward
Warnings: Mentions of sex.
Disclaimer: I'm not Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: Tanya is like that too, calm and sometimes dangerous as those turbulent waters and then when the storm has passed, she is like the sun that shines so brightly it blinds you to her flaws.
Notes:  Title from Andres Calamaro's "Te Quiero Igual" and cut-line from Julieta Venegas' "Me Voy".

Dedicated to kaiwynn for making me write R/T in the first place.

(.i know i deserve this but i don't want it.)
8th-Jul-2008 11:00 pm(no subject)
(buffy) other
Title: Loser's Game
Author: lastupenda
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Tanya/Rosalie
Warnings: Uh, violence I guess?
Disclaimer: I'm not Stephenie Meyer. Booyah.
Summary: Drable written for the Uncanon Twilight Drabble Request Meme. I decided to expand it a bit though.

(.gracefully surrender.)
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